Balloon Arches

Arches offer a way to enhance your party's theme with a variety of uses, patterns, colors, and custom design. They also serve as a great focal point and entryway for any occasion. 

Balloon Columns

Balloon Columns decorate vertical areas in a bold way, with vivid colors and patterns. Columns are a great way to fulfill your parties' theme, and impress your guests, without taking up too much space.

Specialty designs 

Custom creations are just plain fun, the sky is truly the limit with these designs. They demonstrate various jaw-dropping, exhilarating, "WOW" displays to highlight any event.

Are you in need of a custom balloon sculpture, character, or a certain theme? Inflated Creations is happy to offer the opportunity to create anything that you can imagine. It is a great way to add a unique touch, make your event memorable, and impress your guests! 

Full-size characters and people, objects that you won't believe are made from balloons! See More →


Enjoy the full impact of party space that has truly been transformed by Inflated Creations. See More →

Your name in balloons! Perfect for a monumental birthday, anniversary, and business milestone. See More →


Inflated Creations can design your entire party! We're here for all your party decoration needs. See More →


We create characters, creatures, and objects to fit your party theme. These creations never cease to amaze and we love designing them!

From small, to life-size, to larger than life! Let's make one together for your next occasion! 

names & numbers

Perfect for your corporate event, milestone celebration, anniversary, birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, and so much more! What word or number can we put in a balloon design for you? 

Party Decor & Signage

Party Decorations & Signage

Not just balloons! Inflated Creations is here for all your party planning and decoration needs. From beautiful and elegant custom centerpieces to signage for your guests, let us help you with all your party decor needs.  

Room & Tent Decor

See the whole picture! Enjoy the full impact of party space that has truly been transformed by Inflated Creations.

Balloon Centerpieces 

Balloon Centerpieces add pizzazz and excitement to any table. With so many options, Inflated Creations is sure to create something perfect for your event.

Bouquets display many kinds of balloon arrangements that just blossom with joy. See More →

Big Impact

Awe-inspiring tabletop decor that provides a real "wow" factor. The large, 3 foot in diameter, balloons are just so "big & cool!" See More →

Our puffball balloon topiary centerpiece is a great decoration piece, beautiful and fun. See More →


Giving the illusion of floating chandeliers above your table, these add height and elegance to your event.  See More →

Balloon Bouquets

Bouquets display many kinds of balloon arrangements bound to a single weight. They are perfect on the sides of gift tables, as well as the party's main focus point. With our wide selection of colors and exact customization to the customer's needs, Inflated Creations is happy to fulfill your needs!

big impact centerpieces

These balloon displays stand on their own, in more ways than one! They are so versatile and can be used in various locations at your event: on tables, to divide the space on the floor, stage, halls, and more! The "large and in charge" 3 foot in diameter balloons that top these table centerpieces will truly "wow" your guests.  

Balloon topiary Puffballs

Our Puffball balloon topiary centerpiece is a great decoration piece because it gives an illusion of floating floral balloons. They are a great opportunity to add a unique touch and enhance your party!