Happy Clients

  • Thank you for doing such a great job with our daughter's bat mitzvah. The balloons looked great and really gave the venue a party atmosphere. We were very happy with it.
    — Joann, March 2015
  • Thank you for a beautiful job! It gave such a POP to the whole party! We loved it.
    — Reyce, March 2015
  • Thank you so much for working with me on the balloons. The bris was beautiful, we were very happy.
    — Alisa, March 2015
  • Shira loved the balloons. Thanks so much!
    — Leah, January 2015
  • The balloons were perfect!
    — Karen, March 2015
  • Thanks so much! The balloons were GORGEOUS! Exactly right! Next one in 3 years...
    — Robyn, February 2015
  • Thank you for the balloon bouquet - Aliza was very happy it looked great and enhanced the simcha.
    — Shulamith, January 2015
  • The balloons were beautiful, thank you!
    — Chani, December 2014
  • The balloons were GORGEOUS! With the napkins, the linens, it all went beautifully! Thank you for everything!
    — Debbie, December 2014
  • I absolutely loved how the room looked! The balloons were perfect and they are now filling our house. Thanks so much for everything!
    — Ita, November 2014
  • Thank you and your staff so much for the outstanding job at our event.
    — Chana, November 2014
  • The balloon arrangements were festive and bright -- just what we wanted for Josh's Bar Mitzvah. They lasted through Sunday evening's party and beyond. Thank you.
    — Penina, September 2014
  • Thank you for the amazing decoration everybody loved it!
    — Sophie, September 2014
  • Thanks so much. The balloons looked great!
    — Helene, September 2014
  • The balloons were great! Thank you for making the room look festive and for adding some extra touches!
    — Susan & Sim, September 2014
  • The balloons were beautiful. We are really happy. The name arch is now in our living room!
    — Abigail, August 2014
  • Balloons were beautiful. We got a lot of comments and questions where they were from!
    — Aviva, June 2014
  • Balloons were a hit! Thanks!
    — Chaya, June 2014
  • I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with our daughter's bat mitzvah. The balloons looked great and really gave the venue a party atmosphere. We were very happy.
    — Joann
  • I just wanted to thank you for enhancing yet another (the last) of the Mintz bar mitzvahs. The balloons were beautiful and really made the room festive, yet classy. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. Much appreciated!
    — Dina
  • I just wanted to send you a big thank you! The arch was absolutely perfect and if I have anything to do with it, you can count on us working together next year as well!
    — Laine
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons. Your “inflated creations” truly enhanced our party. It was the perfect touch.
    — Ariel
  • It was fabulous. You guys are great
    — Hannah
  • You did a beautiful job. Thank you for making our party so festive.
    — A.I.
  • Thank you for transforming the auditorium to an elegant and beautiful simcha room. Everyone commented how beautiful the room looked. It was a pleasure working with you and hope to recommend you to many friends.
    — Steni, November 1997
  • I was more than pleased! Your choice of colors and design was wonderful. Each balloon bouquet put a big smile on everyone’s face.
    — Andrea, June 1999
  • Everything was beautiful! All of Nikki’s friend loved the board and went “wow” over the balloons!
    — Mindy, June 1999
  • Everything was beautiful. Thank you very much.
    — Esther, October 1999
  • Thank you for the creative ideas. The balloons looked beautiful at Gabriella’s Bat Mitzvah. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to working with you again.
    — Stephanie, January 2001
  • I just wanted to tell you what a WOW factor the Shabbos table was! I am so beyond thrilled and it was a real kiddush hashem!
    — Miriam, Chabad August 2015
  • We were thrilled with the centerpieces and want to thank you very much for all your hard work. The room looked amazing. It was a pleasure dealing with you, you made it very easy for us.
    — Elana, November 2002
  • The party was great and the decorations were fabulous. You did a wonderful job.
    — Anya, October 2004
  • Thank you so much, the balloons worked out great! Your are pleasure to work with, easy and reliable.
    — Joan, September 2007
  • Everything was wonderful and beautiful and I value your sincere friendship. Many thanks.
    — Selma, December 2009
  • Thank you, party was great. See you at the next happy occasion.
    — Henya, August 2009
  • I just wanted to thank you again. The centerpieces were perfect and the room looked beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your time, patience and good advice. My daughter was thrilled, and as you know the day flew!
    — Melissa, April 2010
  • The balloons were just perfect!
    — Elka, May 2015
  • The balloons were beautiful and we very much appreciated your flexibility and availability in helping us change things in the last minute.
    — Jay, January 2011
  • Thanks for providing the balloons. They gave the simcha that extra boost.
    — Avi, March 2015
  • We were totally delighted! Your work is wonderful.
    — Lois, June 2011
  • Thank you for making Ayelet’s bat mitzvah so lovely. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
    — Chana, September 2011
  • The centerpieces were perfect! Thank You!
    — Sari, June 2014
  • Thank you so much! Everything was perfect! Better than expected!
    — Shira, November 2011
Thanks for all your help with the balloons. Looked amazing!
— Lauren, September 2019
Thank you again so much for the wonderful balloon arch for our Walkathon event. It was a huge hit and brought our event together. Thank you so much for everything.
— Ben Porat Yosef, June 2019
“He loved them!”
— Rena, September 2019
The balloons looked lovely and really added a lot! Thank you so much!
— Suzy, June 2019
“Everything was soooo beautiful today! Thank you for everything!”
— Miriam, May 2019
The balloons made the room, thanks so much!
— Yaffi, May 2019
Thanks, they look amazing!
— Chana, April 2019
Thank you for everything! The balloons were beyond perfect and everyone couldn’t get over how amazing they were! Thank you again for making our day!
— Lynn, April 2019
She loved it!!! It was an amazing surprise, thank you!
— Shifra, April 2019
The balloons looked great, the whole room put together was beautiful! Thanks again!
— Abby, January 2019
I loved the balloons! They were perfect! Thanks again for everything.
— Deborah & Shlomo, March 2019
Thank you so much for the fantastic decorations. Well done!
— Roy, November 2018
Thank you again for all the effort you put in, and always with pleasure, even on short notice. Much appreciated and the balloons were perfect for the occasion, we loved it!!! Thanks again.
— Orley, July 2018
The balloons looked great! Thank you for working with us!
— Deshi, July 2018
Thank you for helping to enhance our simcha. The centerpieces were so cute. Everyone loved them.
— Yael, June 2018
I wanted to thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job!!! The room looked amazing!!! Thanks again!!!
— Pamela, December 2018
Thank you for doing such a great job with the balloons for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. They were wonderful and really made the party look great!
— Batya, June 2018
Thank you for the fabulous balloons that you did for my son’s graduation party. They were a total hit and everyone commented on how awesome they were. You are a rock star!
— Kathie, June 2018
Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful balloons!! And thank you for being so great to work with.
— Adina, May 2018
Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on Talia’s Bat Mitzvah! It was beautiful!!
— Hedy, May 2018
Thank you and your team for an absolutely wonderful job. The balloons looked spectacular and really helped make the atmosphere for our Ayelet’s Simchat Bat a celebratory one. I received many compliments from attendees - even non-guests who were just passing by the room we were using. Thank you once again!
— Dana, April 2018
Thank you sooo much for the balloons they were perfect!
— Pamela, March 2018
The room looked perfect and the process was smooth and painless. Thank you!
— Riki, February 2018
Thank you for the balloons for Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah. They looked fantastic! They made the room super festive and we were so pleased with everything.
— Julie, February 2018
Everyone loved them and they made the room look amazing! Thanks so much for enhancing our simcha!
— Susan, January 2018
Thank you so much for the magnificent balloons. They were the PERFECT touch! We received so many compliments. Thank you for your advice and prompt service!
— Jackie and Caryn, December 2017
Thank you so much for the beautiful balloon displays.
— TABC Open House, October 2017
Thank you for the AMAZING job Inflated Creations did at the Challah Bake. From the colors to the different sizes to the floating numbers to the balloon stands. Everything was PERFECT. The balloons totally made the room POP!
— Jewish Journey’s Great Big Challah Bake, October 2017
Thank you! Everyone loved the balloons. You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I will, of course, recommend you highly to anyone!
— Marjorie, October 2017
The balloons were amazing! They complimented the room beautifully! Thank you so much! Was a pleasure to work with you.
— Robin and Levi, September 2017
Thank you so much for the beautiful balloons!! They were absolutely perfect! They really added so much to our Simcha!
— Pamela, August 2017
Thanks so much again..the balloons looked stunning!!
Thank you!!!!! May we share only Simchos!
— Sara & Elie, July 2017
Thank you for always making our events so beautiful with the balloon bouquets and for doing everything so efficiently and devotedly!
— Naomi for JEP, June 2017
Balloons were great! Thanks so much!
— Bracha, June 2017
The colors matched perfectly - great job! Couldn’t have been better.
— May 2017
Today’s event was a huge success! I was so happy that some of our families walked off with the beautiful bouquets, so they will be enjoyed for more than just today! Always a pleasure working with you! Thank you!
— Enid for Yeshivat Noam, June 2017
Thank you so much for the fabulous balloons!! The Bat Mitzvah celebration was amazing and my daughter loved every minute of it!! The balloons definitely enhanced our Simchah!
— Elaine, May 2017
They looked amazing!!!! Thanks!!!!
— Rivky, May 2017
Thank you!!!! Everything was just perfect!!! You did an incredible job — Till the next party....
— Deborah, March 2017
Everything was AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much.
— March 2017
Thanks so much. The centerpieces look great!!
— Faigy, March 2017
Thank you so much! It was really really beautiful! And the balloons were amazing! Thank you for your time, your generosity, and for being so patient.
— Gillie, February 2017
It looked amazing - thank you so much!
— Ahuva, November 2016
Balloons were amazing! Everyone commented! Thank you for being so flexible!
— Yocheved, February 2017
It was STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE LOVED.
— Hadassah, March 2017
Absolutely gorgeous! Husband loves it, thanks so much.
— EJ, November 2016
Thank you so much... the balloons were awesome!!
— Sari, March 2017
Thank you so much for the balloons! They were exactly what we had hoped for and really enhanced our simcha.
— Ayelet, November 2016
Thank you for the beautiful arrangements you made! We will definitely keep you in mind for our next event.
— Merav, October 2016
The balloons looked terrific! Thank you so much for arranging them so nicely, for being so respectful of our budget and our timing, and for your hard work. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for balloons for a simchah or party of any kind. Thanks again!
— Susan, September 2016
I just referred you to two of my friends. We loved the table arrangements and the balloon name arch. Great job, as always. Thanks so much!
— Alice, June 2016
I want to thank you so much! The balloons came out so beautifully and the signing board really enhanced our simcha! We loved everything about them! You made a very special 12 year old girl very happy!
— Shira, June 2016
Thank you again for the centerpieces. They were a big hit. Naava loved them and we got tons of compliments on them and the look of the whole room.
— Lauren, September 2016
People were floored by the balloons, they said it was the best and most beautiful kiddush they had ever been to - the room was totally transformed. You did an amazing job. Thanks for everything!
— Rebecca, August 2016
My daughter loved the balloons. They were the perfect color. They’re now in our family room! Thanks so much.
— Pam, June 2016
Thank you so much for helping me with my daughter’s bat mitzvah. Working with you was a pleasure. You did a great job, were such a mench, and so professional. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!
— Gila, May 2016
I just wanted to send you a big thank you! The arch was absolutely perfect and if I have anything to do with it, you can count on us working together next year as well!
— Laine, Rosenthal JCC - June 2015
Thank you so much for working with me on the balloons. The bris was beautiful, we were very happy.
— Alisa, March 2015
Thanks so much for a great job! The sign in board was a hit (you were right about the signatures) and the balloons were fab!
Looking forward to working with you on many more events in the future!
— Phyllis, October 2014
What a terrific job you did on the balloon decorations for our daughters Bat Mitzvah. The room looked incredibly festive and everyone commented about how unique the stuffed balloons were. We’ve had comments from guests all week about the balloons.
All of the ideas you had, from the centerpieces to the dance floor arch to the dais treatment, were absolutely wonderful and looked even better in reality than we had pictured in our minds.
We really appreciated the way everything was handled, too. We were impressed with the amount of time you spent with us developing the ideas for the decorations, and how you wanted to get our ideas and input, and were very happy with the professional way everything was done.
— Jeanne, April 2002
I want to acknowledge and thank you for the beautiful balloon centerpieces! They were perfect - exactly the look I wanted. Most importantly my son Shlomo was very happy with them and told me they were “cool.”
You were so nice, helpful, and easy to work with. I would totally recommend you, but you probably don’t need it so much, as your work speaks for itself.
— Zvi & Ida, July 2014
I just wanted to tell you again how lovely the balloons looked. The balloons gave the synagogue a proper celebratory feel, and the colors really worked out nicely with the tablecloths—tasteful and not childish. I appreciate how easy it was to work with you.
— Alisa, November 2011
Thank you once again for preparing all of the balloons for the Fourth Annual Community Health and Safety fair. Your beautiful handy-work helped to create a significantly more festive and professional look and feel to the exhibition hall, and provided excitement for hundreds of kids. Thank you for being so organized and reliable and helping to enhance our fair!
— Racquel, June 2011
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at
Shira’s bat mitzvah. The room looked so pretty! The balloon arrangements were beautiful! The sign in board was great! I really appreciate all the time you put into making our simcha so special.
— Hedy & Jonathan, August 2014
I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, patience, and creativity. The room looked amazing, the blinky lights gave it a magical feel. You were patient with us to the end with the balloon colors, adding, and changing. I will be sure to send people your way....you are truly wonderful to work with!
— Sheri, December 2013
Thank you for the gorgeous balloons and for making working with you such a delight! Everyone was enraptured by the palm trees! Thanks so much again! Looking forward to working with you again for our next bat mitzvah in 2017.
— Judith, April 2015
Thank you for the magnificent balloon centerpieces for our granddaughter’s baby naming. You literally transformed the room into a magical and whimsical wonderland. Everyone was mesmerized by the gorgeous balloons with the pink stars and their surrounding balloon bases giving the illusion of animated suspension. We were on cloud nine that day and the imagery of the stars suspended in mid air, made us feel “on top of the world.”
On a personal note, dealing with you was so stress free and comfortable. Your artistic expertise was only surpassed by your caring and friendly personality. We know our paths will cross again.
— Linda & Roger, October 2014
The balloons were fantastic. The ballroom and the atrium looked gorgeous – festive and filled with color. Thanks so much for working with me to figure out how to create the effect that I wanted in the room and then making it happen.
I especially appreciate that you also let me know where I could cut a corner here and there while still making the room look beautiful and full. Someone else might have answered my questions with an eye toward selling as many balloons as possible.
When we first met I told you I didn’t love balloons. All I can say is, you’ve made a convert out of me!
— Chaviva, November 2010