Jewish Journeys Hosts Inspirational 'Great Big Challah Bake'

Featured in the Jewish Link of New Jersey...

...From expert challah bakers to first timers, everyone was inspired to participate as they arrived at their designated table and were greeted by a table coach who explained how the evening would work. Each guest was given a bowl filled with ingredients, an apron and necessary supplies to make and take their challah home. Tables were adorned with colorful balloon centerpieces donated by Inflated Creations.

ComedyCures founder and Jewish Journeys alum Saranne Rothberg emceed the event and quickly managed to quiet the crowd of over 800 women with her signature belly laugh. Jordana Baruchov, dean of sixth grade at Yavneh Academy, demonstrated each step of the challah-preparation process, likening each ingredient used to create the dough to a profound spiritual meaning. As the challah took time to rise, participants were entertained by DJ Shimmy and IMOVEWITHNAZ. From grandmothers to small children, the ruach was contagious, and within minutes everyone was on the dance floor...

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Smart Balloon Practices

Here’s how to follow Smart Balloon Practices:

  • Keep balloons secured to a weight.

All helium-filled balloons should be tied securely to a weight that will keep them from releasing into the air. Be sure to individually tie each balloon to the weight, so if they become detached from the weight, they will be individual rather than “clustered” (tied together) balloons which can more easily become entangled in power lines.

  • Do not release foil balloons into the air.

Although it is very rare, problems can occur if they become tangled in power lines and they can turn into roadside litter if not disposed of properly.

  • Keep deflated or popped latex balloons away from children to avoid risks of choking.

Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons; adults should always supervise young children—especially those under eight years old—with balloons.

  • Although it rarely occurs, some people are known to have a “latex allergy.”

Talk to your customers to find out if this pertains to them or the person to whom they’ll be giving the balloons, and educate them on how they can still purchase balloons and not be affected. Latex balloons are made of natural rubber latex and are biodegradable, but may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to natural rubber latex.

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Rainbow of Colors: Color Charts

Qualatex balloons are often referred to as “The Very Best” balloons. Recent research showed that more than 80% of balloon professionals choose Qualatex brand. Qualatex balloons are known for their quality, color range, and coordination; and they inflate larger and float longer. The latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex with no artificial fillers. They're safe for the environment and actually biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf.

The extensive Qualatex Rainbow of Colors can be used as a palette from which to create custom colors by "layering" two different balloons. This "double-stuffing" technique yields an unlimited number of unique colors and finishes.

Latex Balloon
Jewels Brilliant, transparent colors
Fashions The latest, fashionable colors
Pastel Pearls Pastels with pearlized surfaces
Radiant Pearls Rich colors with pearlized surfaces
Standards Rich, bright colors
Neons Bright, neon colors
Metallics Rich metallics
SuperAgates One-of-a-kind, marbleized color combinations

Microfoil Balloons
Microfoil Bright Jewels to Pastels and Metallics

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